Prototype new features using my low-fidelity mockups which provide structure or layout for early feedback.

Use my high-fidelity prototypes to guide or continuously improve your user experience.

  • Mockups
  • Prototypes
  • Wireframes


Design with an explicit focus on the goals or needs of your users using my user-centered approach.

Use my design for your smaller screens or your larger screens with more content and features.

  • User Interface (UI)
  • User Experience (UX)


Code loosely coupled RESTful Apis that are portable, scalable, reliable, or secure.

Hire me to code your middle-tier or back-end on platforms like NodeJS, SQL (Oracle, SQL Server), NoSQL (MongoDb).

  • NodeJS
  • Restful Api
  • MVC

Launch New Features Easily!

  •  Photos & Galleries
  •  Events & Calendars
  •  Contact Management
  •  Security & Membership


User Roles, Login/Logout, Authentication, Authorization


User Registration, Member Profiles, Password Retrieval & Management


Content Authoring, Event Calendars, Photo Galleries, Contact Administration …

Rich + Responsive + Engaging + Interactive + Immersive User Experiences

  • Prototyping

    Starting with your ideas, concepts, needs or requirements, I create mockups / wireframes

  • Designing

    I architect or design your front-end using CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript platforms like jQuery, AngularJS, KnockoutJS and more …

  • Coding

    I code your middle-tier and/or back-end on RESTful Apis, NodeJS, C#, VB.NET, PHP, JAVA and more …

  • FAQ Wireframe
  • In My Portfolio

Prototype – FAQ Wireframe

A single page application (SPA) mockup / wireframe for navigating complex, hierarchical parent-child views.

This wireframe features searching, adding, editing, deleting and pagination of frequently asked questions & answers.

  • Contact Management
  • In My Portfolio

Design – Apartments Management

A responsive AngularJS view that displays apartment information with pagination (client-side & server-side), filtering (client-side & server-side), data management capabilities (Adding, Editing & Deleting of Apartments) and searching.

  • NodeJS Search Engine
  • In My Portfolio

Code – NodeJS Testing Engine

A NodeJS application that analyzes websites, parses data from the DOM using jQuery, performs user acceptance tests like clicking on links / buttons and saves all the task / test results to a back-end database .


Design Features

I mockup / prototype and design intuitive, immersive and interactive features that delight your users and.or support your business goals.

My feature design usually starts with User Interface (U)I Mockups, then it progresses to HTML5 / CSS3 Prototypes, and finally ends with User Flows or Process Workflows that describe the users steps or paths while completing their tasks.

I don’t always have to design from scratch. I already have mockups or reusable experience from designing common user flows or frequently asked for features like user authentication, etc.


Reusable Code

I code reusable components & features across the entire stack (front-end, middle-tier, back-end) so software development teams can launch new features, apps or projects easily.using software development principles like S.O.L.I.D, Object Oriented Programming, Dependency Injection, Patterns & Best Practices.

  • I don’t usually write code that is useful for just one project. I design and code re-usable UI features, RESTFUl Apis, components, classes and functions whenever possible.


Cost & Time Savings

By coding reusable components, I reduce the pain points of your development team by providing tested features that can be easily deployed across your apps or sites.

Instead of investing your development resources on constantly “re-inventing the wheel”, your development team can now focus on “bigger problems” or the truly custom needs of your projects!

The benefits of hiring me boils down to cost and time savings for both your development and QA team: