How To Design An About Us Page
Your About Us / About Me / Team page is one of the key pages on your website that talks about who you / your business / your team and your ideal client.

The process of writing an About page for your website can clarify who your ideal client really is. Some businesses owners, especially those just starting out, try to be everything to everybody. A lot of times that results in time wasted time chasing bad leads as well as servicing the wrong clients.

When a prospect gets to that About You page, it should be crystal clear whether or not your business is a good fit for them. And if it’s not, they can move on, saving both of you the time of figuring that out later.

There’s a powerful psychological aspect to having an About You page on your website.

When that ideal prospect comes to your site, you want them screaming out loud “Yes, that’s me!” when they read your About You page.

You want to make them feel like that page is speaking directly to them and you understand them perfectly.

When you can give someone a feeling of excitement that they’ve found their Mothership, you’ve got a great shot of landing yourself a new client!

An About Us Page makes you stand out from the crowd. The About You page is a great way to be different and set yourself apart from the competition.


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