How To Build Your Next App or Website

Build Cross-Platform Apps in ReactJS
How To Build Cross Platform ReactJS + Ionic Desktop / Mobile / Website Apps with the concepts of components, lifecycles, forms, validation, api calls, data-binding, and Deploy

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What is State? State is all the data we need to keep track of and/or manage for our app to work, as users interact with it
With React's release of production-grade features Context API and Hooks, developers can implement global state management without external libraries like Redux, Flux, MobX Monique Dingding, Learn More
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Learn How to Add Customized Alerts, Notifications or Toast Messages to ReactJS Apps & Websites

  1. Toasts are non-blocking, time-based notifications used to display short messages at the top, bottom or center of the screen and they typically disappear after a few seconds

  2. Modals are blocking, obtrusive notifications that may require a user action to dismiss it (YES / NO, OK)

Gently notify users of the success, failure or status of frontend actions or tasks with a custom, reusable ReactJS Toast component View Code on Github
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