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Build Your Website in .NET Core Multi Tenant CMS

You can run multiple domains, sub-domains or websites using a multi-tenant website built with the latest .NET Core 3.x, JavaScript, JQuery & Bootstrap 4.5

A multi-tenant website allows you to serve multiple customers, clients, countries, regions or a different set of applications from one software instance or code base.

Some of the benefits of a multi-tenant website include

  • Each domain or sub-domain can be styled or themed differently

  • Each domain or website can access a partitioned or completely separate of data

  • All support, maintenance or new feature work can be done in one codebase

    How To Store / Retrieve Application / Client Specific Settings, Data & Configuration in Multi-Tenant Websites

    Store data that uniquely identifies each app / website in a multi-tenant app in an appsettings.json file including ...

    • The unique name & description of each app / website
    • The website / domain names that map to each unique tenant
    • The files, themes, or scripts unique to that app or website
    Here is an example of an appsettings.json file used in a Multi-Tenant App