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How to Build Native IOS & Android Apps Faster in React Native
React Native is a User Interface (UI) library for building mobile apps that look or feel native from the ease & comfort of the JavaScript language that many programmers already know or love.

React Native apps use the native platform rendering APIs in Objective-C (for iOS) or Java (for Android) to display native mobile UI features and not webviews like in Ionic, Cordova or Phonegap.

React Native apps can access native platform features like the phone camera or geo-location features using JavaScript functions or apis.

React-Native also allows you to design, code and release apps that run on the Web, Desktop, IOS and Android environments from the same code base, thereby reducing cost and increasing your speed to market!

How Much Do React Native Developers Make?

The average React Native Developer salary in USA is $120,000 per year or $61.54 per hour.
Entry level React-Native positions start at $80,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to $188,375 per year.


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