How to Build & Launch Better Apps or Websites

How to Build Modern Websites in JavaScript
JavaScript is the primary language used for building user-facing, front-end screens for websites and mobile apps.
With JavaScript, you can also build Desktop Software, Presentations, Games, Spreadsheets, Internet of Things (IOTs), Websites or even Apis.

As web / mobile app projects have increased in complexity, JavaScript Toolkits or Frameworks like Angular, ReactJS, Vue, JQuery, NodeJS are increasingly used to organize & simplify the effort or reduce the amount of time invested in development.

In this post, you will learn how to organize, simplify & manage website development with a JavaScript User Interface (UI) Developer (Dev) Kit.

But first, here is why JavaScript is one of the most popular & useful programming languages ...


JavaScript is the primary language for building simple or complex websites that deliver an interactive, engaging or immersive user experience across various devices and browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge ,Firefox, Safari, and Opera

Server-Side Software:

With JavaScript frameworks like NodeJS, you can build Server-Side Apps and connect to back-end databases like MySQL, SQL Server, Postgress or even MongoDB

Game Development:

JavaScript toolkits / frameworks / libraries allow you to draw, render & animate complex 2D / 3d graphics used in desktop / web-based game development

Mobile Apps:

JavaScript Frameworks like React-Native allows you to write mobile apps that are compiled into native IOS / Android apps, others like Ionic allow you to write hybrid / cross-platform apps that can run on Web / Desktop / Mobile Devices

The JavaScript User Interface (UI) Developer (Dev) Kit:

The JavaScript UI Dev Kit featured on this post helps streamline, organize and simplify your website development using JavaScript and JQuery.

The JavaScript UI Dev Kit improves the overall efficiency and organization that a team or developer brings to a project by providing ready-made solutions and templates to common website development challenges.

Other posts on this website feature UI Dev Kits based on

  1. VueJS
  2. Angular
  3. React
  4. React-Native
  5. NodeJS
  6. Ionic


JavaScript's one of the most useful languages. You can build Websites, Mobile & Desktop Apps, Games, Spreadsheets, Internet of Things (IOTs) or Apis Learn How To Build Websites in a JavaScript UI Developer Kit #javascript #ui #ux #developers #code #iot


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