How To Build Your Next App or Website

How To Launch your Products
95 Percent of New Product Launches Fail b/c of inadequate preparation in the design, development or marketing.
Here are resources to make sure yours don't ...

  1. Make sure you're building a product that people will find valuable. This means a deep understanding of the user's hopes, problems & motivations. Do not work off-of on untested assumptions.

  2. Develop a deep empathy for your users or you fail at product-market fit, falling retention numbers or high user churn

  3. Confirmation bias is relying too much on your own product vision, cherry-picking based on your pre-existing beliefs and ignoring information that doesn’t match

  4. Pitfalls of tech teams include being excited because a new product / feature is new, challenging or fun but not because people will actually use it

  5. Articulate your value proposition clearly so you can drive alignment and focus on what features matter the most

  6. People don’t simply buy products or services, they ‘hire’ them to make progress in specific circumstances

  7. A jobs to be done statement concisely describes the way a particular product or service fits into a person's life to help them achieve a particular task, goal, or outcome that was previously unachievable.

  8. You can either build something a large number of people want a small amount, or something a small number of people want a large amount. Choose the latter. Paul Graham:
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How To Market / Launch Products
About 95 percent of new products fail because of ineffectively segmenting the market by demographics or product pricing instead of looking at products the way customers do: as a way to get a job done.

Consumers don't go about their shopping by conforming to particular segments. Rather, when faced with a job that needs doing, they "hire" a product to do that job. 

For example, FedEx, gets a package from here to there as fast as possible. Disney provides warm, safe, fantasy vacations for families. IKEA helps customers furnish an apartment right now.

Companies should also consider "purpose branding", that is building an entire brand around a particular job-to-be-done. For example, by naming the product after the purpose it serves ...
  By Carmen Nobel, Learn More
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