How to Build & Launch Better Apps or Websites

Learn JavaScript Step By Step – The Roadmap

In this series of articles, I go through the “must read” resources for the language that is seemingly becoming universally adopted for all types of development projects including: mobile apps, Websites, Windows, and even server-side application development.

The way I’ve set this up is to list the best articles on different but important JavaScript topics.

If I’ve missed any that you think are especially worthwhile, please let me know.


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What is State?
State is all the data we need to keep track of and/or manage for our app to work, as users interact with it ...
NGXS's a state library that's modeled after Redux CQRS (Command-Query Responsibility Segregation) pattern.
Angular components using NGXS dispatch actions that mutate the store / back-end services and the UI can select pieces of the global state with functions
  1. Actions are commands which may trigger something or be the result of an event that has already happened
  2. States are classes that define a state container. States have decorators to describe metadata and action mappings
  3. Store is a global state that dispatches actions your state containers listen to and provides select data slices from the global state
  4. Selects are functions that slice a specific portion of state from the global state container
  By Devlin Duldulao, Learn More
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As front-end applications become more complex, the difficulty of tracking how multiple users interact with or change the application state increases. Seth Gwartney explores how to manage state in Angular apps with NGXS   Learn More
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