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User Story For Contact Us Form

Contact Us Feature allows the user to fill out a form with their information and send it with any questions they may have.

Contact Us Form – User Story

1. User (site visitor) will fill out a Contact Us Form with their Name, Email, Subject, Question or Message and use a multi-select drop down box to choose which department(s) they would like to send their message to.

2. User will click the Submit button

3. The message will be saved to a database and also queued for an Admin User(s) to review.

Receipt of Contact Us Form – User Story

1. Admin user receives the contact us message by a site visitor and will login to review the queue of contact us messages.

2. Admin user will review each contact us message and then approve, forward, reply, edit or trash each queued message.

3. Admin user will click on a message to review the details of the entire contact us message.

Approve User – User Story

1. Admin user will click on an [Approve] button to approve message.

2. After a message is approved the status will update to reflect the change.

Forward User – User Story

1. Admin user will forward a message by clicking on the [Forward] button

2. The message will be forwarded to one or more departments using a multi-select drop down box.

3. After department(s) are chosen, the admin user will click the [Forward] button.

Reply User – User Story

1. An admin user will reply to a message by clicking on the [Reply] button.

2. After clicking on the reply button, the admin user will type a response.

3. Admin user will reply to the original sender and / or any departments by selecting those they want to include in the reply using a multi-select drop-down box.

4. Admin user will click the [Send] button to send the reply.

Edit User – User Story

1. Admin user can edit a message by clicking on the [Edit] button.

2. When the edit button is clicked, the message will open up and the admin user may then make any corrections that are needed.

3. Admin user will need to click the [Save] button or [Cancel] button after making changes.

Trash User – User Story

1. When a message is no longer needed an admin user can click on the [Trash] button to remove the message from the review queue.

Workflow Diagram

Contact Us Form Workflow Diagram


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