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 User Story For Manage Users

The Manage User / Add New User Featuregives an Admin User the ability to manage or edit all users that are registered in the system.

Manage Users – User Story

1. Admin will see a list of all users which some details like their Role, Username, etc.

2. An admin user will be able to change or delete a user.

3. To delete a user, the admin user clicks on a [Delete] button. When the delete button is clicked, a user removed after the delete request is confirmed with Yes / No dialog.

4. When an admin user needs to modify a user, they click on the [Modify] button.

5. After modifying a user, the admin will click on the [Save] button or [Cancel] button.

Search / Filter – User Story

1. Admin user may filter through the list of all registered users by typing at least three characters.

2. Clicking on an individual user will reveal the user’s details / information.

Pagination – User Story

1. The Pagination allows an Admin user to move forward and backwards through pages of users.

Add New User – User Story

1. Admin user will click on the [Add New User] button.

2. An Add New User form will then open up.

3. Admin user will fill out the User form with information like User Role, Login, First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

4. Admin User will then check or uncheck the Active checkbox to make a user active or in-active.

5. When the user form is completed, the admin user can click on the [Save] button to save the User’s information or the [Cancel] button to discard the changes.

Save User – User Story

1. When an Admin User clicks on the [Save] button, the information that has been entered for that user is saved to the database.

Cancel User – User Story

1. Anytime the Admin User clicks on the [Cancel] button all information that has been entered will be discarded.


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