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User Story For Photo Gallery

The Gallery feature will allow the user to upload images so that they can manage or maintain their pictures.

Gallery Photo Upload – User Story

1. The user will be able to click on a button that allows them to Choose an Image from their computer’s hard drive.

2. The user will be able to choose a second button and upload their image after giving it a Name, Description, and Link.

3. The user will have the option of saving the uploaded image by clicking on the [Save Upload] button or if they no longer want the image, the user can click on [Cancel Upload] button.

4. After an image is uploaded and saved to the gallery, the user can Zoom-in or Zoom-out on the image by clicking on it.

Gallery Search – User Story

1. Users can use the search filter to locate specific images. To do this, a user will need to enter at least three characters before the search starts finding matching images from the gallery.

2. After an image is selected from the gallery the user can then click on image to zoom-in zoom-out.

Gallery Pagination – User Story

1. The pagination bar will allow the user to go to specific pages to review images. The pagination bar will allow the user to navigate forward and backward between pages.

Gallery Image Zooming – User Story

1. User will be able to click on an image and zoom in or zoom out on the picture.

Gallery Image Delete – User Story

1. Images displayed in the gallery user will delete by clicking on the delete / [X] icon.

2. After clicking on the X icon, a pop-up will confirm the user’s choice with a Yes / No button.

3. If [No] is clicked, the image will remain in the gallery and if [Yes] is clicked, the image will be permanently deleted.

Gallery Image Edit – User Story

1. A user with edit permissions can click on the [pencil] icon to edit the image’s information. After clicking on the edit icon, a form will pop up that will allow changes to be made.

2. After editing is complete, the user then will click on a [Save] button to save the edits / changes.

3. User will be returned to the main gallery after clicking on the [Save] or [Cancel] images changes button.


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